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Welcome to SpotPlot!

The site used to be here, however, the webserver has been taken off-line. The functionality of the site will not be replaced. Instead, if you are a Spot messenger user, use their website for your spot-plot publishing needs.

If you need to reach the webmaster then please use the following address:



Techie note:
If you get a "404 - page not found" error, it might mean that the web server is off-line; in which case, please try again later. As the website is hosted on a small computer sitting in my bedroom closet, it might be unavailable for any number of reasons including problems with my internet service provider, hard-drive failure, hacker attacks, or even an old sock caught up in the cooling fan. I do have an industrial-strength UPS protecting the power supply, however. :-)

This website makes use of HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, Javascript, Python, and Bash scripts, none of which I'm overly proficient with, being entirely auto-didactic - so please adjust your expectations. So if you find a problem, please let me know.